Sunday, August 24, 2014

August 24, 2014

Yesterday, I finally did the presentation on Food Storage for the Relief Society.  There were only a handful in attendance.  Thanks to Nita Millard, I didn't have to be very creative, but it still took some time to put it together.  Presidente Tedjamulia was happy and said that it motivated the people who came.  Who knows?  It is a start, though.

After my presentation, one of the members taught how to make Brazilian tapioca.  It is not pudding.  It is more like a crepe or a tortilla.  Very interesting process.  You can look it up on youtube.

We had some neat experiences this week.  We stopped at one of those smokehouse trailers to get some barbecue.  The guy looked at us and said "Oh, you are missionaries for that Church of Jesus Christ of Mormon Saints.  You guys are all so happy.  My best friend is a Mormon.  Man, you guys are always so happy.  If I ever joined a church it would be yours."  Love members who emulate the joy we should have!  I think we should go back and give Moe some pass along cards to give out to people!

Had a funny experience with one of the office missionaries on Tuesday.  It was a Zone meeting, and Sister Residori was the one sent to get things set up for lunch for the missionaries.  She decided to participate in the choir practice held before the meeting.  When practice was over, she came down to get things set up.  I told her that the tables were set up, the tablecloths were on the tables and the chairs were set up.  She got a funny look on her face and said "There I go again, being Mary instead of Martha!"  Love that woman!

We attended the Portuguese session of the temple endowment on Thursday.  It was a lot more difficult with earphones!  It made me appreciate those who have to use them to understand English.

So, on Saturday, I was bustling about to get there for the presentation.  I was a little concerned that we were not leaving as soon as I thought we should.  As we were driving out of the parking lot, Elder Dixon noticed a man struggling with grocery bags, and one had obviously ripped.  Elder Dixon stopped (after 31 years, I am used to it) and pulled one of those reusable grocery bags from our trunk.  I then find that the man is getting in the car with the grocery bags!  Turned out to be a sweet experience.  Bala is from India and had just been here a few days.  He had no license and no car, so he had walked probably a mile and a half to a grocery store.  He was close to home when the bag split.  He was very grateful for our help.  He indicated to Elder Dixon that he was Hindu, but that his mother and mother-in-law had become Christian.  He said that he would attend our Church when his wife arrived from India.  I thought to myself "There I go again, being Martha instead of Mary!"

Saturday we also attended a baptism for a man who had read the Book of Mormon in the 70's but did not join at that time.  He took over three years this time to decide to change his life.  He had a wonderful, sweet peace about joining the church.  He was very happy and so were those people who had helped him find the Church.

To end the day on Saturday, we attended the birthday party for one of the sweet 12 year olds in our Branch.  Her mother and grandmother are the ones who have done the amazing parties I have shown in past posts.  This party was just as amazing.  She had a Cheetah print theme that extended to tiny little cups on the table, the runner on the table, plates, napkins. . . . even Jullie's dress!  
The thing that impressed me most, though, was that the adults in the Branch were there.  The family invited them and they came.  Not just a few, a lot of them.  That is one of the neatest qualities of this Branch.  I can't imagine that happening in a Ward.

We had a sad Sunday.  One of the strong families in the Branch is moving to Seattle.  Out of our Young Men's program, we are losing 3 delightful young men.  In addition, we lost a member of the Branch Presidency and the Young Women's President.  That is really hard on the Branch.  Pray for us that we can find several families to help this Branch grow!

President Bennion (the Mission President) came to the Branch today.  He asked Elder Dixon what they had us doing in the Branch.  After attending the service, he told Elder Dixon that he could see that we were needed there.  I am glad to hear that.  This is where I hope to spend our entire mission, but I will go where I am asked.

I am still struggling to learn Portuguese.  I am progressing, but it is slow.  I try to read the scriptures in Portuguese and have begun singing in Portuguese.

Atlanta picture for the day:  What is different in this picture?

The pine tree is a cell phone tower.  Don't know why they bothered since there are power lines everywhere!

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