Sunday, November 23, 2014

November 23, 2014 Happy Thanksgiving tra la la

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you this week!  Thanks to Angie and P1 for the card I could include in the blog.  Thanks to my sweet sister and mother-in-law for sending things in the mail when they felt bad for us because we don't receive a lot of mail.  Thanks to those who took up the charge to help our missionaries have a great Christmas.  Thanks to my children, children through marriage and my wonderful grandchildren, just because.

Thanks to my wonderful husband.  There are too many things to list, but here are a few.  Thanks for finishing the Sudoku when I get stuck.  Thanks for vacuuming the carpet.  Thanks for understanding when I just NEED chocolate.  Thanks for opening the doors for me and setting that example.  Thanks for doing anything that requires 3D construction because I am 3D impaired.  Thanks for carving the turkey even when your back hurts.  Thanks for setting an example of service for our family.  Thanks for being a worthy priesthood holder.

Thanks to my siblings for the outstanding things they have done.  Thanks for teaching me things, like how to drive a stick shift when Dad was frustrated.  Thanks for telling me that the guy who just broke up with me was ugly anyway.  Thanks for teaching me to harmonize.  Thanks for sending me a neon light bulb when you were far away.  Thanks for being strong when I was not.  Thanks for making paper dolls for me.  Thanks for laughing when I dropped the wedding cake.  Thanks to my siblings through marriage for making our family better.  Thanks for making me laugh.

Thanks to the missionaries.  Thanks for their sacrifices and service.  Thanks for their understanding when I need a translator.  Thanks for their patience when I try to speak Portuguese (even though Elder Sousa makes fun of me!).  Thanks to my Mission President and his wife for their selflessness and caring for these young missionaries.

Thanks to the Clear Springs Branch for wanting us to come.  Thanks for their patience and kindness.  Thanks for teaching me about great Brazilian traditions and foods.  Thanks for being such fine examples in Temple attendance.  Thanks for thinking that the ideas I have are good, even when they may not be!

Thanks to my friends for the support you have given me.  Thanks for helping me to have courage when I had none.  Thanks for helping me find answers.  Thanks for helping me build castles out of bottles.  Thanks for helping me to be able to provide something special for others.  Thanks for teaching me about your cultures and beliefs.
Thanks to the beautiful people with whom I served in the Temple and their support in helping me learn.

Thanks to my Heavenly Father.  Being in the mission field, I realize how blessed I was to be raised in a home where God and Jesus were words to be respected.  I realize that being raised in an LDS community allowed me to have a believing heart, where I otherwise would probably not have.  The greatest blessing I can have is to know that I am a daughter of a loving Father in Heaven and that Jesus Christ made it possible for me to return to live with him.

Yes, I have a lot of thanks this Thanksgiving!

November 28, 2014-watch for a special Christmas campaign by the Church.

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