Monday, March 30, 2015

Celebration of Women- March 19, 2015

This week I had the opportunity to work with two other sisters to  put together a table as a display for the Women's Conference.  The Stake had chosen the theme of the Temple.  They had decorated the cultural hall with wedding dresses, blessing dresses and baptismal dresses.  On the stage, they created a silhouette of a Temple with the words "Holiness to the Lord".  It was accented by the dresses on each side.  Each ward or branch was given a table to decorate from the theme.  I wish I had pictures of what the whole event looked like, but I only have pictures of our display.

One of our Branch members provided the beautiful skirt, bouquet and trims.

This collage has pieces of the "The Family:  A Proclamation to the World" with pictures of Branch members at the Temple for a wedding, sealings, baptisms and for a new endowment for an outgoing missionary.  The four cards in front were the translations in English.
 The counted cross stitch is of the Sao Paulo Temple.  It was stolen from the Caverni home once, but they recovered it.

The first album that you see had a page for each person who wanted to share their feelings about the Temple.  Unfortunately, I only got a handful, but they were beautiful.  At the back of the book, I put pictures of the Atlanta Temple along with all of the temples in Brazil.  Fortaleza has not been completed and Rio has not begun yet.

In the second book, I put pictures of the Branch members when they were in the Family History Center getting names, when they did baptisms for the dead and when they did endowments, sealings and initiatory.  This Branch is amazing in its commitment to Temple work.  They did the work for hundreds of people, most of whom were their own family names.

It all looked very nice.  Our Stake President wanted to see our books.

This part of the blog will make my good friends Chris and Wendy, laugh.  I have never been good about attending the Women's Conference.  I guess this mission has changed me a lot.

The content of the Women's Conference was beautiful, as well.  I was very encouraged with the message that we must stand strong in protecting the values that are set forth in the Proclamation.  The message was also very clear that there are those who will attend to pull us away and weaken our testimonies.  The counsel was clear that the Lord will let us know if we will sincerely seek to know.

Our Branch also had an Easter activity for the Primary.  It was delightful.  They decorated eggs, ate pizza, played bingo and gathered eggs.

This little redhead is a true Brazilian!  Both of his parents are Brazilian.  You would think he belonged to our family!

We had another Youth baptism trip this week.  These youth are so faithful.  I am amazed.  They are involved in many other things, but make time for the Temple.

We were able to see our sweet Sister Madsen.  She was enjoying a few days with her parents in her former mission areas.  We love her!

Today was the Easter program for our Branch.  There was beautiful music and it gave me chills.  Again, the numbers are not large, but they pull off amazing things.

Please take time to watch the short video "Because He Lives".  I have previously attached it to my facebook site.  On youtube, you can find it at  There should be no doubt that we believe in Jesus Christ as our Savior.  Help spread that message.

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