Monday, June 29, 2015

Festa Caipira and Les Miserables- June 29, 2015

This week was really busy.  We topped it off by attending a wonderful production of Les Miserables.  Jessica, Alyssa, Brian and Matt from our Branch were all involved.  I love the story of redemption, of the ability to change, of brighter futures.  It was SOOO well done and our beautiful Camiah was the musical director.  I wish it had been playing longer because others who have heard would love to have seen it.

We rushed from the production to be able to join the Branch for the Festa.  It is so fun to join the members of the Branch for these parties, and this one is one of the favorite traditions.

 My Brazilian friends were surprised that I brought pao de queijo I had made.  I loved it when one of my Young Women looked at them and asked "What is that?"  Admittedly, they were not as pretty as those made by my Brazilian family, but they tasted good.
 They always have lots of interesting Brazilian dishes.  There was a soup made with collard greens, There is a pudding made with hominy.  There is a sort of cake made from tapioca flour.
 The Festa is something like Sadie Hawkins.  The people dress with straw hats, wear freckles and decorate with lots of flags.

They also play musical chairs.  Everyone plays and they laugh so hard it is a riot to watch.  After that, they dance.

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