Sunday, July 19, 2015

Apartment journals- July 19

In missions, the missionaries have the same need to show that they had passed through that the pioneers had with Independence Rock.  They want to leave their names behind as showing that they had been there.  As a result, there is a lot of furniture that gets signed.  We felt that was not the best thing for a missionary apartment, so we are getting rid of those signatures.  Instead, we have a small journal like Parley P. Pratt might have carried.  There, they can leave not only their names, but some message that they would like future missionaries, or even future family, to see and read.  Inside the front cover, are these words taken from Jacob 4:2 in the Book of Mormon:
But whatsoever things we write upon anything save it be upon plates must perish and vanish away; but we can write a few words upon plates, which will give our children, and also our beloved brethren, a small degree of knowledge concerning us, or concerning their fathers—
We are already seeing a change in the way the missionaries view their apartments.  Not everyone will get it, but we hope it will leave a lasting legacy of faith and testimony.
 Thought you might enjoy this picture of the trees by our mission office.  The driveway is lined with these trees and they have been really lovely.  I never thought I would say that the refuse in a gutter is beautiful, but when these petals drop into the gutter, it is pretty.

Today our lesson in Young Women was on the covenants we make at baptism, specifically taking the name of Christ upon us.  We talked about the importance of names.  We talked of their own names and the history of those names.  I shared a story with them that has great meaning to me.  When my wonderful grandson was born,  his parents chose a first name that didn't have any family link, then gave him the middle name Newell and his last name which both came from his father's side..  I admit that I was very hurt because we had been so involved and tried to be helpful to our daughter during her pregnancy.  Our adorable first grandson did not carry anything in his name from our family.  Over the years, I would periodically think about his middle name and feel sad.  Since coming here to the mission office, we live with the Assistants.  I have grown to love these young Assistants so much.  They have become like family.  We share our day and end with prayer whenever we can.  One of these terrific young men (Elder McArthur on the right) has the middle name of Newell.  I am so proud and happy that my young grandson can share the name of someone who has been such a great missionary and friend.  Whoever would have expected this kind of story when they chose his name!

Our days are full of new challenges.  My latest?  The post office has begun to return mail to us as undeliverable when the addresses are ones we have used for months, even years.  Every day is an adventure!

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