Monday, April 6, 2015

A growing family- April 6, 2015

No, it is not what you were thinking.  Meghan has not yet had her baby and none of the others are expecting.

My "family" expands as I grow to love people here.  There are so many people that I consider are my close friends and family.  As young missionaries come, I have grown to love them like family.  Of course, I have been especially close to the Brazilian missionaries and the missionaries living in our complex.  Each has a special place in my heart.

So, what a fun experience to have our current "neighbors"!  When Elder Dixon first saw Sister Abram, he said "It's Kaitlyn!"  As we have gotten to know her better, the similarities are even greater.  She is funny, a thinker, hard working, and obedient.  She also loves "Peeps"!

Sister Martinez, her trainer, has similarities to Andreia.  She is feisty, funny, proud of her heritage, is a fashionista and has grown, gotten stronger and learned from her experiences.  In this picture, she is showing off a skirt she does not wear often because it makes her feel like a cupcake.

Andreia always wanted a little sister.  I think we found two that fit perfectly!


  1. Hermana Abram does certainly love her Peeps!! She has all her life. Thanks for posting these photos and helping to care for our daughter!

    1. She is an awesome missionary! Being around her reminds us so much of our daughter. When she told us that she threw terrible tantrums, I laughed. You can be proud of her. She is doing a great job. We love being able to help out in any way we can.