Monday, April 6, 2015

If you only have the interest to read one post of mine today, make it this one- April 6, 2015

Elder Dixon and I have had interesting experiences in our lives.  When living in North Salt Lake, we lived in the same home but were "transferred" to a different ward, and then returned to our original ward.  We have joked that they couldn't get rid of us, so they would change the boundaries!

Most Senior Missionary couples remain in the same assignment for their entire mission.  Our call was originally English-speaking, but was changed to Portuguese-speaking when we got to the MTC.  That has been a tremendous opportunity and blessing in our lives.  We expected that would remain our call for the duration of our mission.

But the Lord apparently had other plans.
 One of our wonderful office couples is completing their mission in less than a month.  Our Mission President, President Bennion, has been trying for months to get a replacement couple for them.  In the meantime, we had time during the day and indicated that we would be happy to help out.  We have helped with an occasional project.  We were asked about coming into the office and we indicated that we thought it would be okay as long as we could continue to work with the Branch at nights and on weekends.

Finally, when President Bennion made one last call to Salt Lake, he was instructed to bring us in.  It turns out that office help is hard to come by in Senior Missionaries.  Many of those who are computer literate are being sent outside of the country to help where the people in those countries do not know how to do the computer stuff.  To our friends who are contemplating missions- YOU ARE NEEDED!

So, our mission call has been officially changed as of the end of the month.  We will be relocating to Lilburn, about 45 minutes from here.  Elder Dixon will be responsible for the finances of the Mission, and I will be responsible for leases and apartments.  Because of the reduced numbers of missionaries, there are a lot of apartments being closed out.  Fortunately, Elder Dixon is great at pulling trailers, because that is part of it.  We will be traveling across the Mission a bit.

I am very grateful that we will be able to continue to work with the Branch.  We will be able to continue in our callings as long as we are needed and will be there to help with events and activities.  I am hopeful that another couple will come to our mission as member leader support so that someone else can join us in helping the Branch.  So, if you are thinking of a mission, request the Georgia Atlanta North, Member Leader Support (especially if you speak Portuguese)!!

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