Sunday, September 20, 2015

Can you believe. . . September 20, 2015

It is hard to comprehend how quickly our mission is passing.  We are over 2/3 of our time.  I had one of the sisters at the Branch ask me about our release date.  Her husband thought we were going home soon.  It is soon, but not as soon as she thought.  Her husband thought we were leaving at 18 months.  If we had been, we would be leaving in one more transfer.  Wow!

So many good things happen every day in the mission.  On Saturday, we had the privilege of attending the baptism of a man whose wife had joined the church 12 years before.  Immediately when he came up from the water she raised her arms and said "Yes!!!"  She had waited a long time.  The Ward came out in great support.  It was just a wonderful baptismal service.

We had some wonderful things this week.  We had a wonderful evening catching up with Tyler Winegar who grew up in our Ward in Utah.  What a fun time with two terrific people.  I am so grateful that we were able to have them come over.

One of our traditions for many years has been to go to the State Fair around Elder Dixon's birthday.  The State Fair here is not like the one in Utah, so we did not try to go to it, but chose the Gwinnett County Fair instead.  In 20 minutes we had seen everything there that we wanted to see.  There were goats and cows, no other livestock.  There were no vegetables, no crafts, and some jugglers who I saw drop things quite a bit.  No matter, we did our best to keep tradition.  And our children did a good job trying to keep it up in Utah.

 This picture is for my little Lego-lover grandchildren!
We were going to meet Richard to go to the fair, but called him and suggested we do something else.  We met at the mall and went to a movie about a man who died and went to heaven.  The seats in the theater were lounge chairs.  Richard suggested I try milk duds melted in my popcorn.  I should have tried it, because now I am wondering about it.  Had a great time, even though the movie was not great.
Had to throw in this picture for Barry Jessen.  We knew it would make you miss us!

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