Sunday, September 6, 2015

Happy Labor Day- September 6, 2015

Happy Labor Day tomorrow!  I am truly grateful for the hard-working people in this country who keep things going.  I am grateful for the teachings of my parents and the example of my family.  I am grateful that we have been blessed when we work hard.  I am grateful to live in a country where we have the many opportunities that we have to work and provide for families.

Our friend, Bala, invited us over to meet his friend, Anil, from India.  Anil is a Christian, and he and his family members have been members of the Salvation Army Church for three or four generations. He explained to us that his family belonged to the lowest caste in their society and they were not allowed to have running water, electricity or even walk on certain streets.  It was the Salvation Army Church that helped them to have the services and things they needed.  As a result, his family members have remained faithful despite the difficulties that may bring.  I have so much respect for people of that kind of faith.

Our testimony meeting was also representative of that type of faith.  Several of our Branch members spoke of the loss of the companionship of friends and family members after deciding to join the church.  But every single one of them said that they are glad they have joined the Church, despite their losses.  There is great power and tremendous blessings to those who are willing to put the Lord first and listen to the spirit.  To see people who have been searching for answers be able to find them in the gospel is the greatest.

We have been watching an interesting sight every morning.  In the trees by our house, two spiders create their intricate webs.  Each web seems to match the size of the spider.  Every evening when we return, both webs are completely gone.  I have read a little and apparently they actually eat the web.  I haven't usually found spiders interesting, but this really has been.

We are getting ready for the new missionaries who will be arriving in three weeks.  In addition, three wards just became four.  The work is progressing here.  I just hope I can keep up!

We have had fun with all of the Assistants.  Each brings something special.  Marshall McArthur called us.  It is so wonderful to hear from him and know he is doing well.

Our newest Assistant, Elder Gosar, indicated that he had never cut a watermelon.  (I know, Marshall, it was hard for us to believe either).  We decided that was one life-lesson that we could provide.  Let me warn y'all though, he swings a mighty knife.  He said something about playing too much Fruit Ninja or something!

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