Wednesday, June 18, 2014

June 18, 2014

     We are finally in Atlanta!  It has been a long drive, over 44 hours of driving (including eating meals).  We left Utah on Saturday, drove to Denver to visit with my brother, Roger.  It was delightful to spend that time with him.  Forgot to get a picture, but really enjoyed the visit.  Roger was blessed with the gift of getting to know people easily.  He can start a conversation with anyone.  I was really wishing I could bring him along on the mission!  I don't have his gift.

     On Sunday we drove to Kansas City, Missouri.  No offense to my Kansas friends, but that was the LONGEST ride.  I told my friend that I could take a picture from the front window and that would be the same view throughout the state.  I discovered, though, that the combination of the tint of our windows in the car, combined with the tint on my sunglasses made the horizon look amazing.  The picture doesn't do it justice, but I had to try to capture it.

     We spent some time in Independence Missouri, Liberty Missouri and Adam Ondi-Ahman.  One of our wonderful friends has taught us, over the years, about the "spirit of place".  It is an amazing thing.  When we are in the place where history occurred, it feels like holy ground.  I especially felt that when we were at Adam Ondi-Ahman.

     We then drove down to Bentonville to visit with my nephew and his family.  What a delightful family!  We were greeted with darling signs welcoming us.  It would be nice to be able to see them more often.  Two of the girls and I have hatched a plan for them to go to Orlando and stop to visit with us on the way. . . .

     We took a little detour to be able to see a dear former roommate of mine who lives in Bowling Green Kentucky.  Their family was literally in the process of moving, yet graciously welcomed us.  It was so great to find out what had happened in the years since we had seen each other.

     So, today, Wednesday, we are finally here.  Tomorrow we meet with the Mission President.  Our apartment is not available yet, so we are staying with Richard and Peter.  When we called about possibly staying with them, they also were wonderful.

     I guess that sums up the adventure so far, full of wonderful people.  Wish I had pictures of everyone, but we need a new battery for our camera.

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