Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23, 2014

     We still don't have everything together.  Tonight we left with plenty of time in order to watch with other Branch members when Brazil played soccer.  Problem was, we had the wrong time and arrived after it was all over!

     That proved to be a blessing, though.  On Mondays, we have been asked not to disturb our members and their families.  Earlier, we discovered that we had left the cord for the printer at our home, and we needed to print some things.  So, we ventured out to Costco to replace the printer (since we could not find anywhere that stocks replacement cords).  While there, the cute young man who helped us was intrigued with our name tags.  He started talking to us about Jesus.  He indicated that he didn't know anything about our church.  We did a very quick summary of the restoration and explained about the Book of Mormon.  He indicated that he would read it.  We happened to have a copy of it in the car and left it with him with instructions to pray.  He seemed very interested.  It is truly amazing what can happen if we are doing our best!

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  1. A memorable segue from the name badge post earlier, right? The importance of those small but important identifiers as witnesses of Jesus Christ. I love reading your posts!