Sunday, July 27, 2014

I have so many thoughts, I don't know where to start.  I think one of the greatest challenges in being a Member/Leader Support missionary is dealing with the good/better/best issue.  There are so many things that could, a perhaps should, be done.  We have to strive to find the best of those good things.  Easier said than done sometimes.

On Monday, the fiance of our new investigator was in a terrible automobile accident.  Her car rolled and the picture is pretty bad.  They called us, but our Branch President was already on it.  He was on his way to give her a blessing.  The doctors thought she had broken ribs because of the amount of pain she had.  When they took x-rays, they determined she was bruised but had no broken bones.  She gives the credit to being protected by her garments.

On Tuesday, I taught one of the points in District meeting.  I never expected to be so intimidated by young missionaries.  I really was.  Hopefully, though, they found my message to be useful.

That night, our other investigator decided she was not interested in organized religion and canceled our discussion.  I was sad.  I can understand better how the young missionaries feel when that happens.  It was definitely an "eat ice cream" week.

We used Thursday as our preparation day and went with the other Senior missionaries to Stone Mountain.  It is pretty amazing.  The original intent was that the carved mural would go completely around the mountain, but the resources did not hold out to finish it.  The three horseriders represented are Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis.  The second picture is of the carving, the first is a picture of Elder Dixon and I standing by a replica of the buckle that you can see on the bridle of one of the horses.

 We didn't take this picture of the carving, but ours wasn't clear enough to show you the buckle.

On Friday, we had the opportunity to go to President Bennion's home with the other Senior missionaries.  It was a wonderful evening.  Sister Bennion is a warm and inviting person and made us feel welcome.

The highlight of the week came on Saturday when we were able to attend the baptism of four people in two separate wards.  That is a privilege.  It has made me more appreciative of the sacred nature of baptisms and I regret not supporting people who were baptized into the Ward back home.  Baptism is the gateway to the blessings of eternity and is worthy of celebration.

President Bennion had asked us to put together a nice document to be given to new converts which captures their conversion story in their own words and in the words of their missionaries.  Elder Dixon and I used that and will be putting together little binders/booklets with their conversion and other information.  We are pretty excited about it, all of the missionaries like the idea and it is taking off.  Ideally, we hope that the Branch/Ward missionaries will take over the project.  It seems like that may be easier than we thought.

Elder Dixon taught the High Priest's group in Portuguese today.  He said that as he was writing on the board, he was uncertain of the accent and asked if he had written it correctly.  One of the members said, "It doesn't matter.  We are Brazilian and we don't know!"  Love these people!

The people are so wonderful to us, and especially to me and my lack of language skills.  Last week we went to a lovely dinner with a wonderful couple from the Branch.  They had been feeding a chipmunk in their backyard and were happy to tell us about it.  There is a Brazilian word for chipmunk, but they chose instead to say it in English for me.  To my delight, I got to hear them say "sheepy moon' kee".  I believe that may be my new favorite word.  Much better than English!

One final picture for my grandsons.  This little lizard likes to crawl along the handrail of our porch.  When he does so, he puffs out his throat so it looks like he swallowed a red marble.  I assume he does that to look tough.  He is really fun to watch.

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