Sunday, July 13, 2014

July 13, 2014

I love being in this mission.  Our assignment is wonderful.  We love the Branch and the Branch President is wonderful.  Working alongside the young missionaries is a choice opportunity.  I don't mind wearing skirts all of the time because I also get to wear the name tag.  Most people are completely respectful of our service.

I like to think that we are needed.  I have concluded, however, that we are not needed as much as we need to be needed.  I love feeling like there are things I can do to help the Branch.  Even though my lack of Portuguese language skills does cause some issues.

Today Elder Dixon and I spoke in church.  I used the talk that had been given by Elder Packer some years ago about the "lower lights".  He had an experience in which the lower lights in the lighthouse were not turned on and it caused a perilous journey for him.  He likened us to the "lower lights".  I have really come to understand that concept here in the mission field.  In "Preach My Gospel" it talks about people who may not even realize that something is missing in their lives until we give them the gospel.  I believe that is true.  I remember times in my life when I felt homesick even though I was home.  I needed the "lower lights.">

We were able to top off the day by sharing the gospel, and dinner, with the Sister Missionaries who live just in the building across from us.  They are delightful, and are working hard.  I should find out how to contact their families so I can tell them how great they are!

I thought you might all enjoy a little information about our home.  The roads are CRAZY!  The name of the road changes according to what city you are in, and sometimes within the city.   If you miss a turn, you can't just make a quick right and travel around the block to get back on the road because the roads are not in a grid and do not connect.  You often have to drive north to get on a street to go south, etc.

The entrances to subdivisions are amazing.  Even humble subdivisions have quite elaborate entrances.  This is just a random one:

Firehydrants here are silver.  I don't know why, but they are.

There are beautiful flowering trees everywhere.  They have clusters of blossoms that are lavender, pink or red in color.  I think they may be Crape Myrtle, but I am not certain.

We have District Meeting on Tuesday.  Our District is just beginning to get used to us.  We love them!

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