Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014

Another busy week!  We were able to move into our apartment on Tuesday.  The office missionaries and the Elders were wonderful.  Sister Jessen gathered furniture and decor for us and the Elders helped move it all.  I was surprised to see how well the comforter I brought from home worked with everything!


Just as we were settling in, a pipe burst!  Elder Dixon swept water out of the door while I ran for help.

After the excitement, we settled in nicely.

We got to meet with President and Sister Bennion this week and had Zone pictures taken.  The powerful message of believing you can achieve was felt throughout the conference.  My favorite part was the story of how President and Sister Bennion were concerned regarding their ability to serve because they have a daughter with cerebral palsy who requires constant care.  President Bennion's twin brother was contacted about the issue and he indicated that he and his wife would come to Atlanta to care for her so that President and Sister Bennion could serve.  It is still unknown if that will be necessary, but it is a tremendous testimony regarding service to others.

We were able to go to the Temple with the youth.  There were probably 10 youth at the Temple for baptisms.  Even more amazing is the fact that they do that monthly and that they take family names with them to the Temple.  Imagine what we could do if all of the Wards were able to do that!

Late Happy July 4th!  We had the pleasure of going to dinner with other senior missionaries.  It was at a "Tea House".  After World War II, many women needed to find a way to make money, so they established restaurants.  They called them "Tea Houses".  The one we went to has been open since then and serves authentic Southern cuisine.  I tried Pot Likker, and even fried Okra!  I liked the Pot Likker, and could tolerate the Okra.

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