Sunday, September 21, 2014

September 21, 2014 Changing and hastening

This was a week of changes because it was transfer week again.  We still do not like transfers, but it is an exciting time of changes.  We took our sweet Elder Judd to the airport.  It was hard to see him go because he has done great things with our young Brazilian Elders.  He struggled a little with going because he could see how much the Branch needed his leadership.  I told him that perhaps he is going to Brazil to send someone to our Branch.  Thanks, Elder Judd.  You are a treasure!

So, in this transfer, we lost Elder Judd, but we received two brand new Elders from Brazil, a Visa Waiter AND a Sister Missionary who has served on Temple Square (she is from Brazil).  The Sister Missionary is working with the Sister Training Leaders also.  So, in our little Branch, we now have 11 missionaries!  Clearly the Lord expects great things for this Branch.  I looked up Portuguese Branch on and could only find about 8 Portuguese Branches in the United States.  Our Branch President put it well today.  He said that he had cried to the Lord to understand why we lost so much leadership.  He felt a strong impression that it was because we are to train leaders for other places.

Elder Dixon and I have been asked to be the Team Leaders for the Portuguese missionaries.  We are to help them be the best missionaries that they can be.

I don't know whether most members of the Church realize how true it is that the work is hastening.  The Church is doing so many things. We had the opportunity to attend the Meet the Mormons movie on Wednesday.  It made me proud to be a part of this Church.  Don't expect missionaries to be there if you attend.  The Church has determined that it should not be for proselyting and missionaries are not to attend.  We will be taking Bala and his wife, and President Bennion said that is still okay, but we will not wear our name tags.

We took the opportunity to visit the Hindu Temple that is in Lilburn, Georgia.  It is a magnificent piece of architecture.  The detail to the carvings and the engineering is incredible.

The sense of reverence was inspiring.  The people had such respect for the building and for what is represented.

We have had interesting conversations with Bala about Temples.  He believes that every Temple should be open to anyone.  He is very accepting of other people.  It is interesting, because I would have completely understood had his Temple restricted visits by outsiders.  It made me uncomfortable to be there when people were worshiping their God.  I remember when I was young, I was at a Cathedral in Washington D.C. on a tour.  There were people there who were clearly seeking comfort by praying to the Lord.  I felt so sad that tours were going through as they were in such a spirit of reverence.  I am so grateful that our Temple is not like that.  It is sacred, and people will be able to worship in that sacred state.

The last of the diaper buggies was delivered on Saturday.  I was happy to be able to do something fun for the members.  Love this picture of the two expecting mothers!  Thanks to my family for the cute idea from when they were expecting.

This car is one that is in our apartment complex.  It just made me laugh.  I thought it could have been in the second Cars movie!

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