Sunday, May 3, 2015

Nailed it- May 3, 2015

This week is best classified as a week of awkward moments.  Remember those awkward moments when you start learning a new assignment?  Those times when you ask the same questions several times and can't find things you were just shown?  That best describes the week.

There is a fun thing that I have seen on the internet called "Nailed it".  They show the original picture of something, and then the picture where someone tried to replicate it.  Here are some examples:
Lamb cake

Those make me laugh!  It is great to see someone who can laugh at themselves and at things that don't go well.  So, this is my attempt at "Nailed it!"

We started in the office. Sister Jessen has things so well organized and knows exactly what to do and when.  So, I had to go get some helmets from the shed.  I had no problems opening the door to get them out, but when I went to put one back, I could not get the key to work.  Two missionaries came to help me.  One suggested that perhaps I had the wrong key (I had been insisting that I had the right key).  Sure enough, I tried a different key and opened it with no problem.  I turned to the missionaries and said "See what you are in for?"  Nailed it.

One of the days, we had to travel to Athens (about an hour drive) to help with a Zone Conference.  Part of Zone Conferences is that the office personnel check the vehicles.  When completed, Elder Dixon gathered the keys into his briefcase to put them on a table and the missionaries were told to pick up keys.  We left the conference and returned to the office.  We then received from a set of missionaries who did not have a set of keys there.  He checked his briefcase and found them in the bottom.  Back to Athens to deliver keys. . . .  Nailed it!

On Saturday, we were to attend a Public Affairs training at 8:30 in the morning.  We drove to the building listed in the e-mail (about 17 miles away) and found no one there.  We texted to find out where it was.  So, we went to the Clear Springs Branch (and found out that the other ward had changed the date for which ward would clean.  We cleaned anyway).  We finally received a response about the meeting and had to drive back to Tucker (about 3 miles from our home).  We didn't get there until 11:00 a.m. and it ended at 2:30 p.m.  Nailed it!

Then two of our missionaries couldn't find their driver's license and so they needed me to drive them to an appointment in Spanish.  Nailed it!

So, we have begun moving food into our new home.  How could it be that we move from a two bedroom apartment to a four bedroom home and things are not fitting?  Nailed it!  Tried to attach pictures for you to see, but it won't work.  Nailed it!

So, I am trying hard to be efficient and get our apartment closed and everything moved, while also trying to find an apartment for sisters, moving some missionaries and setting up a house for a new senior couple.  Nailed it!

So, it is crazy busy and chaotic right now.

I don't want to forget the great things.  The Jessens were wonderful and did everything possible to make it easier for us.  They even moved out of the master bedroom so that we could move in.

We were able to have dinner with four wonderful sister missionaries on Wednesday.  Sandy, we served your brisket.  Elder Jessen said it was perhaps the best meat he had ever had.  It was delightful.  The sisters accidentally took my phone.  Easy mistake, every phone looks the same.

We also had a great visit with Tyler Winegar who lives in the same city we just moved to.  He came into the office to look us up.  We look forward to having dinner for him as soon as we settle in.

We saw a fox in the neighborhood.

Today, one of the sweet sisters in the Branch made a delicious corn cake for us.  We had to wait to eat it until after fasting.  It was wonderful and we appreciated it so much.

Love ending the days on a spiritual high talking to the Assistants.  It is so fun to see how they can hold their own with Elder Dixon and his wry sense of humor!

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