Sunday, May 31, 2015

Three lives well lived- May 31, 2015

This week, our mission has been called upon to deal with the tragic death of one of our sisters.  It was something none of us ever wanted to see in our lifetime.  Her companion is in the hospital in critical condition.  Here is the link to a news article about it:  Sister Barnard and Sister Beckstrom

These young women were valiantly serving the Lord.  We are grateful for the time they have spent on a mission here.  They were actively involved in missionary work when it happened.  These young women have been a force for good, and this tragedy is being felt by many, many people.  Even though we did not all know them, every one in this mission feels the loss.  The tears you see flowing from our eyes are simply the love that is spilling out.

We also lost a fine servant of our Heavenly Father in the death of L. Tom Perry.  I wonder if he knew how loved he was?  The missionaries here are very sad to hear of his passing.

We can take comfort in our knowledge of the Plan of Salvation.  That plan has also been called the Plan of Happiness.  Sister Barnard and Elder Perry have transitioned into a new phase of that plan.  They completed what the Lord needed to have them do on this earth.  Now their spirits continue in the next life as they strive to bring souls unto Christ.

We do not always understand.  But whether we understand or not, we must remember that it is the Lord who is in charge.  He is perfect, and with that perfect understanding, He can help us become the best we can be.

We continue to pray for Sister Beckstrom, both families, and the truck driver.  We pray they will have peace and comfort in this difficult trial.

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