Sunday, May 17, 2015

This is the house that Jack built- May 17, 2015

Remember the children's story about the house that Jack built?  I remember the illustrations being very strange.  The house was always built with weird angles and leaned.

That is a little how it seems working in housing in a mission.  We do our best to have clean and safe places for the missionaries to live, but we don't have nice furniture.  So, I have been pleasantly surprised with the furniture we have been able to have in our house.

We will start a tour with the livingroom.  This is almost exactly the furniture we had in the other apartment.  With a cover for the wingback chair, it turned out well.

We switched out the table for one with a leaf,   The chairs are interesting, but they will work.


This is part of the kitchen.  I was baking some cookies that Sister Jessen left in the freezer.  They didn't turn out too well.  That is pretty bad, when I can't bake frozen cookie dough

This picture is of the exercise machines off of the kitchen, next to the garage.  They have a great view of the backyard.

This is the master bedroom.  None of the furniture matches, but it is comfortable.
This is the "bonus" room off of the master bedroom.  It serves as a second office for those times we can't sleep.
These are the extra bedrooms.  Sometimes, when there are a lot of missionaries going out or coming in, these serve as the space for some of the missionaries.

This is where we do most of the  home-office work.  It is also the gathering place at the end of a hard day.  We get the chance to pause and give thanks to our Heavenly Father, and share stories of the day with the Assistants.  They hold their own very well with Elder Dixon's dry wit.

Okay, I admit that I am ocd.  The patio furniture gets algae on it from the moisture here.  I couldn't stand not having it usable, so I scrubbed it down on Saturday.  It turned out well, but I anticipate it will not stay that way.

Now, admittedly, the missionaries don't generally live quite this well.  It is one of the perks of being a Senior Missionary.

I worked really hard to get furniture for a new location in Washington, Georgia.  We sent a u-haul with furniture and packed boxes for them.  I hope that it all comes together well for them.

One thing I have noticed is that not every missionary apartment has a nice, framed picture of Jesus.  We don't have Deseret Industries here, so Goodwill here I come!

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