Sunday, August 16, 2015

A big transfer ahead- August 16, 2015

Our Branch is now giving free piano lessons.  Love it!  Juliana + Ludimilla + Sister Fukai + Karen + Sofia

Marivalda + MarcellaWe were able to attend 5 baptisms this weekend.  Both of our sets of Spanish Sisters in the Cumorah Branch had baptisms and so did our Clear Springs Branch.  This is a picture of the sweet mother and daughter, Marivalda and Marcella, who were just baptized into the Branch.  They are wonderful, and I was very touched to hear that Marcella was anxious about baptism because "it will change my whole life."  To have that perspective and still go forward with baptism is such an amazing thing to me.  I can assure her, it is a good change.

Such a busy week ahead.  We are blessed that our numbers of
 missionaries are increasing.  In this transfer we will have 28 or 29 new missionaries.  That means lots of effort in where they will serve and with whom.  I have been working hard to get housing in place, but there are amazing challenges to doing so.  Our new missionaries get here on Tuesday.  Two will be allowed to stay here at the house with us because the Mission President's house will be so packed.  They go through a lot of orientation on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning, then they are off to their assigned areas.  I have also worked to free space in the storage sheds for the many bikes that will be needed.  It is great, though.  The picture is one I took off of facebook of our good friend Elder Jessen who was the previous financial clerk.  Love him!

This is a tribute to my two country boys, Elder Flake and Elder McArthur.  Love them both.

On Wednesday, our outgoing missionaries will be attending a temple sesssion.  That evening, there will be a farewell fireside.  It is hard to let them go home.  We will miss these wonderful missionaries.  People bring cookies and the missionaries are like celebrities with the paparazzi.  There are photos and more photos.  This will be the first group to leave a lasting message in our apartment journals.  I hope they leave some terrific words.

We also had a terrific party at the Mullins's home.  I will have to wait for pictures on that one.

We also got to see our sweet Heather Lindsey, who went home 10 months ago.  I can't believe she has been gone that long.  She certainly made a place in my heart while I knew her.  What a kind person.  When we had first come, she would strive to see that we were included in some of their activities because the Senior missionaries are generally left out.  Seeing her brings back sweet memories.  Thanks so much for coming by!

Have a blessed, and safe week.

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