Sunday, August 23, 2015

Our numbers are increasing- August 23, 2015

The past week was transfer week.  It is such a busy time.  It is even busier because we are enjoying an increase in our missionary force.  When we first came, we had about 234 missionaries, I believe.  Just a few transfers ago, that number had dropped dramatically, the number 172 comes to mind.  Now we have the wonderful experience of growing again.

It really is a joy to have these new missionaries.  Our Assistants especially like to pick them up at the airport because they have such enthusiasm and spirit.  It is fun to see the wide-eyed looks as they begin this new journey in their lives.

For a few days, we get to have three Assistants while a new one trains.  We were happy to have our previous Zone Leader join us.  It is still hard to let go of the outgoing Assistants, though.

Elder Dixon and I had the opportunity of shuttling the new Sister Missionaries.  It was especially sweet to get to have one of our family friends from South Davis area come here as a new missionary.  She will be awesome (as will the others, but we already have seen her as she grew up).  We are missing one in this picture because she had not arrived from Temple Square.  They were able to see our historic Stone Mountain from their hotel.

We have a wonderful opportunity to have Sister Oliveira from Temple Square serving with our Sister Mullins who lives in the next mission.  They both are fluent in Portuguese and are filling a great need in the Branch.  Sister Oliveira was actually trained by Sister Ayala Nogueira, a Sister who was called from our Branch.  We are so happy to have both of our Sisters!  The picture is at the airport when Sister Mullins and Sister Oliveira first met.

On Wednesday night, we had the farewell fireside.  I am so grateful for these wonderful people with whom we serve in the office.  They faithfully work behind the scenes to make things work for these young missionaries.  Sister Nebeker works as one of two nurses, Elder Nebeker takes care of bicycles for the missionaries, Sister Underwood is the Mission Secretary and Elder Underwood is the Vehicle Coordinator.

I have finally figured out that what most of the blog readers want is to see pictures, so here you go (sorry to those we missed, it is hard to get your picture in a crowd):

I especially love this picture.  While they serve, they are not allowed to give hugs to members of the opposite sex.  But in those final moments before they return home, they give hugs in celebration of the friendships they have forged.  
This young man sang.  What a powerful and beautiful voice he has.  His gentle personality hides all that talent!

So we "graduate" another group of fine young men and women.  They are wonderful and have done great things.  We look forward to receiving the wedding announcements, the press releases, the graduation announcements, and we hope, an occasional call to say hello.  Better yet, how about a visit?

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