Saturday, March 26, 2016

The sheep March 26, 2016

This week had two teaching moments about sheep.

We had the "Farewell Fireside" for the departing missionaries on Wednesday.  Sister Gerard, described by the other missionaries as "fearless" bore a beautiful testimony.  It was her final statement that hit me, though.  I may not quote it exactly but it was "I came on my mission to save the sheep and the sheep have saved me."  The wisdom in that statement is amazing.  Parents, be very proud of these wonderful missionaries.

The second lesson about sheep came from a beautiful painting by Liz Lemon Swindle picture called "Seeking the one" .  We had the picture hung in the entry of the office some time ago.  It is a beautiful picture and has captured the interest of people who come into the office.  Elder Cottle was describing the picture to someone and said "It is the one where Christ is walking away from the sheep."  That made me think more deeply about the title of the picture.  Christ was walking away, to find and save the one.  But Christ is a good shepherd, he would not leave the other sheep alone.  He would leave protection for those while he searched for the lost one.  That is why the sheep graze peacfully in the background.  They are not afraid because they trust the Shepherd.

It is a great representation of what he has asked of us.  We need to watch out for the 90 and 9 when he must find the lost one.  We must be their security until the Good Shepherd returns.

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