Sunday, March 6, 2016

Working and playing March 6, 2016

Last week was a little crazy.  While Elder and Sister Underwood were out of the office, Elder Dixon and I had to cover in the office.  Honestly, I felt that we received a blessing from God because the phones didn't ring like they usually do.  We were able to cover adequately (you notice I did not say "wonderfully").  They returned on Thursday and we were VERY glad.  

On Wednesday we were able to see all of the Sisters as they came for a training.

On Friday, there was a training of the leaders, called Mission Leadership Council.
On Saturday, we helped clean the church.  

That evening, we attended a birthday party for one of our sweet young women.  Once again, the Branch made it a celebration to remember.  The thing I was most impressed with was that the young woman's mother made certain that all of the Young Women got a message to dress in lavender or purple and all of them were given plastic tiaras to wear.  All of them were included.  As beautiful as the evening was, that act was more beautiful.

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