Sunday, May 8, 2016

Is this like pre-earth life? May 8, 2016

This week we helped with the last transfer we will be assisting with.  Friday evening we loaded up the things we will be taking back to Utah and moved out of the house where we have lived for the last year.  We spoke at the Farewell Fireside with a fabulous group of returning missionaries. (pictures will have to wait until we return home).  We took Elder Sousa and Elder Castro to the airport to return to Brazil.  They both made it home safely.

On Saturday, we were exhausted and just stayed at Richard's house and slept a lot.  Today, we will attend the Branch for the last time as missionaries.  Tomorrow, we finish the training for our replacements and begin the LONG drive home.

It is a strange feeling.  In a few days, we will be living nearly 2,000 miles from here.  I imagine this feeling is something like we felt before we came to earth.  The pre-earth life was wonderful.  When it was time to come to the earth, I am certain it was hard to leave.  We would have been excited to come here and begin our families, to learn and to receive a body.  Still, now that we are on earth, there are times I feel a homesickness that I can only feel comes from having left that pre-earth life.  What sustains us is the knowledge that someday we will have both of those worlds together.  The world where our Father in Heaven lives, combined with the world in which we now live.

So, I comfort myself with the thought that these good-byes are only for now. 

I still don't like good-byes.

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