Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Our last transfer May 3-5, 2016

Twenty-three months has now passed.
Our replacement Senior Missionaries were called and were angels about moving their timing up in order to be there before we had to leave.  We had promised our daughter that we would be home by May 15 so that she could take a vacation with friends.  We had a very important little grandson waiting for us to come home.

So, we were part of this farewell fireside.  As a result, not all of the pictures are the best and somehow we missed at least Elder Castro.  It was hard to speak with so many great missionaries.  We had the privilege of sharing the house with many of them.  We love the missionaries.

 There were fond farewells and 'til we meet again.  This picture is of the last set of Assistants we had in the house with us.  We had wonderful times with Elder Cottle, and enjoyed Elder Ward for the short time he was there.  Elder Cottle will be home at the next transfer.

Ask any of the Assistants and they will tell you that the award for the best ward missionary would go to Chandler.  He loves the missionaries and the missionary work.  He would go tomorrow if he was not still in High School.  

And, of course, the Branch put on a wonderful feast to send us off.  The Branch has forever changed both of us.  We are better for the time we had to learn and grow there.  We really love them.  I find myself thinking about things we did there quite often.  

I didn't get a picture with President and Sister Bennion, but I love them.  They did a great deal for both Elder Dixon and me.  They encouraged us to be our best in everything we were asked to do.  I hope the missionaries realize how much that President and Sister Bennion care for them and pray for them.

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