Sunday, May 25, 2014

April 30, 2014

     Because we began to feel secure about the length of time we would have before a mission, we took on a big project:  painting our garage.  Our home is about 40 years old and it had never been painted.  The tape from the mudding had begun to peel off.  So, we began another project, and it was a big one.

     We went to the Temple on our assignment as Temple Workers.  For the first time, I had a feeling of anxiousness about our call.  I hadn't felt that before.  When we returned home, the envelope with our mission call was in the mailbox.  We called all of the kids to be part of the opening.  Our youngest daughter was at work and did not get off until 8:00 p.m.  Our other daughter was at college. Our oldest son was in Canada.  Our younger son was out of town at a conference.  So we gathered those of the kids who were here, my mother-in-law and two of our terrific grandsons.  We tried to reach our Canadian family, but did not connect.  We took guesses about where we would be called. Two  thought we would be serving in Salt Lake, my mother-in-law thought Palmyra or Phoenix, Jim thought Reno/Winnemucca, my son-in-law thought Ireland, one daughter thought North America, my youngest thought Brazil and I thought New Zealand.

     When we opened our call, we had been called to the Georgia Atlanta North mission as Member/Leader Support missionaries to serve for 23 months.  We felt privileged to have that opportunity.

     After we opened the call, we celebrated with ice cream!

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