Saturday, May 24, 2014

January and February, 2014

     I thought that retirement was supposed to be relaxing!  Jim and I began the process in January to be able to go on a mission.  We had to complete a huge application and for a while we were in doctors' and dentists' offices to complete the required exams almost weekly.  We met with an attorney and set our affairs in order.

     I worked hard to gather some family names together so that we would be able to go to the Temple to be sealed to my parents for eternity.  I was very close to my parents and had to wait a year after Mom passed away to be able to complete the Temple work.  It was a privilege to go to the Temple and feel the power of the sealing ordinances for our family.  I believe we will be together for eternity.  My nieces were able to sense her presence as we completed the work.  I love my family very much and cannot imagine eternity without them!

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