Sunday, February 8, 2015

Tender moments and memories- February 8, 2015

Had a wonderful little moment this week.  A few weeks ago, I intended to get chocolate chips at the grocery store, but grabbed butterscotch by mistake.  I am not one to take things back, so I just kept them to use in a recipe for something.  So, a few nights ago, I decided to make them into a type of treat that Mom used to make.  In my entire married life (almost 33 years) I have never made this treat for Elder Dixon.  He scoffed about them, but tried it and ate some again after that, so it must not have been too bad.  I thought I must be missing Mom and that is why I made them.  Any of the family members remember them?

Our Portuguese Elder was on a split with our new Zone leader, Elder Roderick.  They stopped by to pick some things up and we offered some to Elder Roderick.  He said that his mother made them for him at home.  I have no reason to believe that he was homesick or needed a reminder of home, but I have no doubt that he was the reason that I made those treats.  Love those moments!

This week will be Valentine's Day.  I am very grateful for my Valentine.  We spend a lot of time together, but I don't mind.  He is very helpful and supportive.  He makes up for my weaknesses and mistakes.

We don't often shop without the other there, so he asked me if I wanted flowers.  Oh, yes. I did want flowers.  Years ago, I discouraged him (being the practical person that I am) from giving me flowers and so he doesn't give me flowers very often.  I have been sorry that I had ever discouraged him.  So, we bought some lovely flowers.

Our sweet Young Women have been saying the Young Women theme in English, then turned the poster over where the words in Portuguese were handwritten.   I thought that they deserved their very own poster in Portuguese.  They were really happy.  I still can't say it, but they do.  I am so                                                        proud to work with them.

I made another diaper buggy.  This one is for a non-LDS mother who is going to have a C-section.  She has been told that we would have a baby shower for her just to get her to join the church. If only people really knew and understood us!  This isn't about joining a church- it is about being a true Christian and reaching out to someone who might be in need.

On Saturday, we helped at the Family History Center so that members of our Branch could do Family History.  These faithful people traveled a ways to come.  Despite technical issues, we found many family members for people.  I love family history and the opportunity it gives us to connect with others.  There will be over 250 ordinances completed for their family members in the Temple.

Elder Soares will be coming to our Branch next week.  He will hold a Fireside for the Branch and then will fly out.  We are very excited.

Have a wonderful week and a Happy Valentines' Day!  Buy flowers for each other!  Make dinner for each other!  Mostly, love each other.  And laugh a little. . .

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