Monday, February 16, 2015

The valuable role of women- February 16, 2015

My mind has been on the importance of women this week.  On Saturday, it will be my mother's birthday.  There are many times here in the mission field that I wish I was more like her.  She never hesitated to speak to a new person.  She quickly found things she had in common with them.  Sometimes, I would be embarrassed by it- like the time she called from the Union Station to find out if my Brazilian children were home because they had a tour bus of Brazilians and she was certain the tourists would want to talk to my children!  As a result, she made many friends.  She was a great example of service.  Even on her deathbed, she was concerned because she wanted and needed to bake for others.

Mom was there to encourage her children.  Even though she had to work hard, she always made me feel important.  She supported me in my activities and encouraged my success.

Women like my mother valued her role.  She was proud to be a mother and held to high values.  She was a great example of a supportive wife.  She loved my Dad and was not afraid to say so.

I have spoken in this blog about the roach problem.  I think we finally have it under control.  But, Elder Dixon saw one last roach just as she was about to lay eggs.  As much as I hate roaches, I have some respect for her.  She came out of her hidden nest to try to hatch those babies away from the poison we had sprayed.  That could not have been easy, and certainly was not done for herself.

We could learn from that roach.  We are being surrounded by the destructive forces of Satan.  One of those is pornography.  Unfortunately, women seem to have bought into the terrible messages of recent books and movies.  We must not fail to realize that pornography demeans women.  It dehumanizes women and makes them objects.  We need to have as much desire to purge our society of those messages as that roach did to save her young.  There are organizations trying to fight the current battle.  I invite you to join and protect our young.

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