Monday, February 23, 2015

Working with the missionaries- February 23, 2015

We had the privilege of having Elder Soares come to the Branch for a Fireside on February 15, 2015.  He and our Branch President, President Tedjamulia, knew each other from Seminary when they were young.  The Branch put on a wonderful feast for him, and also fed those who attended.  Elder and Sister Soares are in the middle, our Branch President is next to us, the Relief Society President is next to them and  her husband, the Branch First Counselor, is next to her.  Our Stake President is next to Brother Nogueira.

Sometimes we take lightly having a General Authority talk to us.  For most of the world, it is a privilege and they are thrilled when they have the chance.

One of the highlights of our mission is working with the missionaries.  Sometimes, they ask us to go along when they are teaching.  Elder Dixon goes more often than I, but I get the chance sometimes.  We went to visit a mother with two young sons.  The sons spoke English.  The 10 year old is very smart and was asking good questions.  We had the cut-outs for the Plan of Salvation and so I was able to teach that lesson.  I told the young man that I would teach the class in Primary that he would attend if he came to church.  He was excited about that.  His mother was very happy that he would agree to attend Church.  On Sunday, I was delighted to see that he came to Church.  He liked it and indicated he would like to come every week.  That was such a wonderful thing!

The Elders had us go with them to one
appointment and the lady (who is absolutely hilarious and delightful) really liked me.  She gave me a huge chocolate egg.  It was delicious- chocolate outside with a layer of coconut inside.

I really hope that I get to see her again.  I would like to take some chocolate-covered grapes.

We were able to attend three baptismal services on Saturday.  In all of the baptisms we have attended, I have not heard better talks about the baptism.  One of those talks was from a young woman who had only been baptized three weeks earlier.  She was so clear and accurate on the doctrine, I was astonished.

The highlight of those baptisms (for us) was the baptism of Diogo and Sonja.  He is from Brazil, and she is from Colombia.  Because of that, both our Brazilian Elders and the Spanish Sisters taught them.  The lady in the back is the one who made the referral to our Elders.  She is an awesome Branch missionary.

The baptismal service was conducted in both Spanish and Portuguese, and I said the closing prayer in English!  President Tedjamulia came in a show of support, even though they will attend the Spanish Branch.

Diogo and Sonja are really choice.  Diogo had a dream, before he met the missionaries, in which he was in a room in which everyone was dressed in white.  There was a podium in the center and the man at the podium was an older man dressed differently than the others.  Diogo listened to him and loved what he taught, so in the dream Diogo jumped over the little wall and hugged the man.  The man told him that there would be more for him to learn.  Diogo was ready to listen when the missionaries heard his dream and explained that was the Temple.

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