Sunday, February 1, 2015

The good and the bad-but no ugly February 1. 2015

The week began with the roach treatment to try to eliminate the roaches.  It was not an easy process.  Every cupboard had to be cleaned out.  So, this is what the house looked like:

It is amazing what one can accumulate in a short time.  I am happy to report that we were able to fit most of it on the bed and on closet shelves.  Now, let's hope it worked this time!  We put everything back together on Tuesday.  It was almost like moving!
While we had to be out of the apartment, Elder Dixon and I went to the Anne Frank Museum in Sandy Springs.  It was a very moving exhibit regarding the holocaust.  I was saddened, even horrified, regarding the inhumanity.  I learned some terrible details of the actions taken against innocent people.  Anne Frank had hidden out for months, but weeks before the area was liberated, she and her family were captured.  She died of typhoid in one of the camps.  I appreciate this museum, and the reminder it is to all of us.  Stereotyping, bigotry, and bullying allow for the victims to be made less in the eyes of others.  That is not Christ's way.

 Elder Dixon and I had another interesting experience this week.  I went to the eye doctor and one of the technicians indicated that she knew who we were.  She spoke sharply about Joseph Smith, but then showed tremendous charity towards Latter-day Saints.  She indicated that she appreciated that we are committed to try to live our religion.  She indicated that one of her Baptist friends felt supported by the Latter-day Saints as she was going through a tough trial.

How grateful I am for good people who try to live the commandments and follow the example of the Savior!

Today was a sweet ending to the week.  Bala, Sravanthi and Varnika drove down to our Branch for Church.  Even though it is in Portuguese, they stayed the entire time.  They enjoyed it and said they would return next week.  They are such a dear family.  I am so grateful they enjoyed it!

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