Sunday, November 22, 2015

Enjoying the journey- November 22, 2015

Along with transfers, we received the privilege of spending time with Elder Cruz.  While he was in Brazil, he had a surgery on his foot.  The surgery involved pins and a plate in his foot.  The pins had moved and were causing a lot of pain.  He had the plate and pins removed, but now needed a place to stay for his rehab.  He has been great to have around.  He has learned so much as a missionary and it has been great to learn from him.  He is very committed and will be serving as a Zone Leader.  He is a good leader.

While we have had him with us, we decided to go to a Honduran restaurant.  Since our daughter served her mission there, we have tried to find food that was as good as she remembered it.  The restaurant was fun.  We enjoyed the food.

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