Sunday, November 22, 2015

Transfer In November- November 22, 2015

Sorry about being absent for the past few weeks.  It has been really busy.  The transfer did not involve a lot of missionaries, but there were some interesting issues.  On the Friday before transfers, one of missionaries transferred to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.  Elder Dixon and I took them to the airport.  We also said goodbye to Elder Pond who has now returned to regular missionary service, and hello to Elder Farr as the new Assistant to the President.

On the Monday of transfers, President and Sister Bennion took two of our missionaries who had been waiting for their Visas to the airport to report to their mission in Mexico.  On Tuesday the new missionaries arrived.

On Wednesday, Elder Dixon and I had the privilege of taking Sister Oliveira to the airport to return to
Temple Square.  It was hard to let her go.  She is such a wonderful missionary.  I am sure they were happy to have her back.

On the way back from the airport, we received a call that a young man from Indiana had come to Atlanta to get his Visa only to find that the consulate was closed for Veteran's Day.  We picked him up and he stayed at President and Sister Bennion's home until he could return the following day and get his Visa.

We then returned to the airport to pick up two new sisters who will serve with us for 3 months.  They are Sister Gomes and Sister Costa.  We were SOOO excited to continue the great things that have happened in the Branch since we have had Sisters.

On Wednesday evening, we had a beautiful fireside for all of the outgoing missionaries.  Sorry about the quality of the pictures, but here is the "thanks" to this set of missionaries.

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