Sunday, November 29, 2015

It was a Happy Thanksgiving November 29, 2015

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  On Thanksgiving Day, we had some of the Senior Missionaries who work in the office and Bala and his family.  My sister would be proud.  I made turkeys out of the napkins!

 We had a wonderful meal.  We had the traditional foods that our family has, and Sister Nebeker brought a traditional dish from her family (yams with apples).  The company was terrific.  My Senior friends and Bala's family got along really well.  Sister Nebeker got to hold Aksaya while the other Seniors played with Varnika.  Sister Underwood stepped right up and did the dishes that were left.

I learned several years ago that paper plates are great to use for big family dinners.  My family hated doing dishes so we quit using the china and pewter.  We have found some great paper dishes over the years!

My heart is heavy, though.  Bala and his family are moving to Tampa.  I guess I always believed that we would return home from our mission before they would move.  Even though we have not been able to see them as often, we love them just as much.  They gave us gifts.  I just want someone to love them and look out for them!

 On Friday, we went to Stone Mountain Park with the Senior missionaries since the office was being painted.  We enjoyed the holiday entertainment.

 On Friday evening, we were able to spend some time with Elder Dixon's brother's second family.  We really love those people.  Pete always cooks wonderful food and all of those who come are very kind and loving.  We enjoyed the evening.

When we returned, we had this sweet note from our Assistants.  What a great way to end a day of gratitude.

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