Sunday, November 1, 2015

Taking a break November 1, 2015

I am not a fan of Halloween.  However, I really love the creativity of the pumpkin carving, pumpkin painting and the costumes.  We are not allowed to wear costumes on the mission, but I certainly have enjoyed seeing the costumes of my grandchildren.

This week was a good one for regenerating.  I admit I was tired emotionally, mentally and physically. Fortunately, there was a little bit of a slow-down, so it gave us a chance to leave the office earlier and to take a day off.  I love the Senior missionaries in the office and they encouraged us to take a break.  I guess the exhaustion was showing.

So, we took some time to go to the Indian Pow Wow at Stone Mountain.  We were able to hear the drumming, watch several styles of dance from different areas, observe some huts and teepees with demonstrations and explanations of Native lifestyle.  We ate gator nuggets, an Indian fry bread taco and fresh corn.

We also watched a presentation on falconry.  I really enjoyed it.  While we were there, the man who was doing it came up to Elder Dixon and said "Hello, Brother." and asked where we were serving.  He is a member of the Church.  He does not live in our mission area, but it was choice to make that connection.

The lady in the outfit above has pheasnat and macaw feathers in her headdress.  Her outfit was intricate beadwork in an Aztec pattern.

 The teepee was one of several set up in a field.

The dancers to the right had headdresses of porcupine hair.  Their outfits (not costumes) were really amazing.

After we saw all that we could see at the PowWow, we decided to "Ride the Duck".   Stone Mountain has something they call "The Duck".  It is an amphibious craft and takes people on a tour of the land and the lake.  We decided that we probably would not have another opportunity to ride the Duck, so we did so.  It was fun.  I thought the transition from land to water would be more bumpy but it was not.

 Our guide was Jamaican and did funny things.  Mostly, I enjoyed his attempts to get Elder Dixon to smile.  When he could not, he had me come up (as he had done with the young children) and steer the boat while blowing on the duck whistle.  I still can't believe I was willing to do it!  It was a good break and helped regenerate us.
If you look closely at the picture of our guide, you will see Elder Dixon in the rearview mirror.

One privilege that we have is to be able to talk about the gospel with the Elders who live here.  They have deep discussions with investigators, sometimes from some who are not looking for truth, but seeking to destroy the faith of others.  It has been really good for me to understand the importance of faith.

We have slowed a little bit for just the past week, and so we can focus on needs for the future.  I have been trying to find apartments in two areas and having little success.  Our sweet missionaries are helping out, so it will all work out.

We also attended a soccer game for one of the Young Women and the birthday party for a little guy who was born after we came into the Branch.  I have commented before at how sweet it is that the Branch supports each other like this.  Many people came, in addition to these family members.

There is so much good in these people.  I love them dearly.  They have changed me and helped me more than they will ever know.

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