Sunday, April 17, 2016

Priceless treasures April 17, 2016

This week I received a priceless treasure.  Before our mission I bought scriptures that had larger print because I anticipated that my sight would get worse.  In that prediction I was correct.  The problem with the larger print is that I have not been able to find a good case in which to carry them.  Over time, my poor scriptures have gotten a little beaten up.

Here in the mission, many of the missionaries protect their scriptures with customized boxes they have created themselves.  Elder Cottle knew that I would like a box for my scriptures and he is very talented at making them.  He puts tremendous thought into it.  He used his preparation day time and other minutes he could squeeze out, to create this beautiful box for my scriptures.  I cannot begin to say how much it means to me.

These young missionaries are so wonderful.  Not only do I become the recipient of wonderful things from them, but so do hundreds of others.  Elder Cottle was working on a collage of pictures for a recent convert.  He has included in the collage the pictures from the baptism, but also included pictures of the Savior and the Temple.  It will also be a priceless gift.

Here are four great men in my life.  Elder Burrows and Elder Cottle have been serving as the Assistants during this transfer, but President Bennion decided he wanted the influence of the Assistants to be felt by many missionaries in this transfer.  So, he called Elder Paulson as an Assistant.  Elder Paulson (on the right) and Elder Burrows (on the left) are now traveling Assistants.  They travel to an area and then split up to work with the missionaries there.   Elder Cottle has been assigned to remain here in the office and attend to the reports, logistics and trouble solving for the missionaries.  In addition, he is also having daily exchanges with missionaries.  

It reminds me a lot of the Book of Mormon.  As Elder Burrows and Elder Paulson were leaving, I imagined what it must have been like when Alma the Younger and the Sons of Mosiah were departing for their assignments.  In their case, they literally did not know if they would ever see one another again.  I imagine that as they were departing, they did the huddle/hug and then departed.  I imagine there was some degree of loss because they had been so close for so long.  So tonight, I look forward to their reunion for a day.  And I will smile an think about the sweet reunion between Alma the Younger and the sons of Mosiah.

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