Sunday, April 17, 2016

The counsel of a Prophet April 17, 2016

This week I have been thinking a lot about the counsel that we hear from our leaders.  I fear that for some of us, unless we can see the immediate confirmation of the truth taught, we ignore or discount the counsel.  We want to see the Lord's plan NOW.  If the Lord was to do that, there would be no need for faith.  We fought in heaven for the chance to have free agency.  It would cease to exist in a world where we did not have to struggle.

I remember a book I read years ago called Hinds Feet on High Places.  At one point in the tale, the main character is to take a journey.  For companions, the character is given Sorrow and Pain (I believe).  The character is confused.  How could it be fair to assign them as the companions.  What is learned is that it is through Sorrow and Pain that the heart is carved out to have room for joy and happiness.

I have been especially interested this week in the latest research that is coming out regarding pornography.  Those who have heeded the counsel of the prophet have long-accepted the destructive power of pornography.  But, in the world, there has always been a line drawn and protected with cries of "freedom of speech".  With that cry, the destruction of adult pornography has gone on basically unchecked.  Now, scientists are discovering that those who are addicted to pornography no longer have the ability to engage in natural sexual relationships.  They are no longer even attracted to natural sexual relationships.  The question before states and nations is whether pornography has now become a public health crisis.

We have long known.  It is more than a public health crisis.  It is a destructive force for our nation and the world.  It destroys the desire to form family units, it destroys men's feelings for women, it demeans women, itputs our children at grave risk and it destroys the values of our society.

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