Monday, April 25, 2016

Thanks, Papa April 25, 2016

On Saturday night, Will Thornley lost his battle with brain cancer.  I can't begin to express the sense of loss that we feel in our family.  Papa was a wonderful grandfather to Titan.  They played cars, watched movies, flew planes, and were close friends.

When Elder Dixon and I were planning on a mission, we made a pact with Will and Chris that we would watch out for Titan while they were on a mission and they would do the same while we served.  Will and Chris lived true to that promise for us. They helped prepare food for family and friends who came to the house after our farewell talk.  While we have been gone, they watched out both for Titan and for our daughter.  They took care of things we could not.  They continued to watch over Titan even when Will's health had deteriorated.

Even though my daughter and their son divorced, they continued to love her as part of the family.

I had so hoped to be able to make it back from our mission to be able to thank Will and Chris.  He just couldn't hold on that long.

Thanks, Will and Chris.  You have made our lives better.  We will miss you, Will, but we will not forget you.

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